As a global leader in material handling, Crown has the responsibility and the opportunity to make a difference. We believe this difference starts with our sustainability promise, processes and products.

Through every step of our product development, we consider the impact of our design on people, our processes and the environment. Our design engineers continually seek new ways to design forklift trucks with fewer components that have more end-of-life options while reducing energy consumption and improving safety.

Products designed for long life are a benefit to our customers and the environment with:

  • Increased uptime and performance efficiency
  • Fewer repairs and replacement parts
  • Less waste
  • Lower emissions

Crown’s robust line of business for both used and remanufactured forklift trucks expands the impact of our sustainable design and manufacturing efforts. In addition, through Crown’s vertical integration approach, we are able to manage our warehouse footprint – only manufacturing what is needed – while quickly satisfying customer needs and managing our inventory at the branch level.

Founded on the principles of minimising waste, managing energy and maximising lifespan, Crown ecologic represents the synthesis of our sustainability efforts, including:

  • Innovative forklift energy efficiency
  • State-of-the-art production and forklift remanufacturing practices
  • Materials recycling and recovery methods.
  • Preservation of land and natural resources



For a brief, further, acquaintance with CROWN, we attach the link to all Crown products and http://webpresentation.crown.com. There is a lot of information about infolink fleet managemnt and in all categories, there are representative videos and very smart solutions.